Datical Increases Investment in Liquibase with New Capabilities

Datical, a provider of database release automation solutions, has introduced Targeted Rollback capabilities for Liquibase, an open source tool that helps application developers track, version, and deploy database schema changes quickly and safely. Additionally, Datical recently released an all-in-one graphical installer feature available to the entire Liquibase community.

This announcement comes 2 months after the completion of a Liquibase community survey, which found the feature that Liquibase users overwhelmingly wanted more than anything else was a better way to handle database schema rollbacks.

“Safely and predictably rolling back changes is a critical capability for the community of Liquibase users,” said Dion Cornett, president of Datical. “We appreciate the great feedback from the community, and with this release, we’re thrilled to respond to three-quarters of our community requesting more advanced rollback features. Community-driven innovation, such as Targeted Rollback, helps development teams innovate quickly.”

Targeted Rollback is available for users of Liquibase Pro, which includes an added level of support and new features to help developers and DBAs get the most out of Liquibase’s schema change tracking, version control, and deployment capabilities. The feature lets users precisely target and undo changes from anywhere within their history of change. Until now, development teams have been required to rollback database schemas changes in reverse sequence, which slows releases and frustrates developers. For instance, if the change a developer wishes to undo has been followed by 50 others, a developer using traditional rollback methods must first remove all 50 changes they actually want to keep (and therefore must re-deploy and re-populate all previous changes) to get to the one they wish to change. Targeted Rollback boosts developer productivity by empowering users to quickly and easily target a specific change, or set of changes, so they can take targeted action and remediate issues faster than ever. Datical is also delivering a companion helper command that lets users inspect a Targeted Rollback’s SQL before executing it.

Datical has reported more than 13 million downloads of Liquibase in 2019 alone. In an effort to support further growth, Datical also recently released an all-in-one graphical installer available to the entire community. The install files have everything developers need to understand how Liquibase works, including example changelogs, preset properties files, and a concise Getting Started tutorial to walk them through their first updates.

Additionally, Datical has launched a virtual community meetup.

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