Datical Launches Monitoring Console for its Datical DB Platform

Datical, a provider of database release automation solutions, is launching a new capability to the Datical DB platform that automatically monitors the status of every database deployment across the enterprise.

“The ability now to get that right information, that right intelligence into the hands of the right people, at the right time to make sure we are moving faster has become critically important and that’s why we built the DMC,” said Ben Geller, vice president of marketing at Datical.

The Datical Monitoring Console (DMC) provides teams with visibility into the outcomes of all database deployments, detailing the scope of changes applied and pinpointing the causes of failures – a process that can typically take days or weeks to complete.

All levels of the organization – from DBAs to application developers and QA to IT management – can easily audit the database, measure release velocity, and monitor deployments.

Datical DMC provides a single point of access to an organization’s database deployment activity. The data is presented in many different ways to meet the needs of the wide variety of roles that make up a modern IT organization.

“What we really wanted to do since we were collecting all this information anyway is put it in one place and serve it up in a consistent manner to a variety of roles to really enable them to perform a lot more efficiently,” said Pete Pickerill, co-founder, vice president of products at Datical.

Datical DMC delivers relevant and accurate information to all stakeholders on demand, whether they need to know what’s been deployed to a database, why a specific operation failed, or how quickly changes are moving through the release cycle.

The company is looking to expand its platforms in the future along with enhancements that will look into decreasing the point of velocity and expanding partnerships, Pickerill said.

“It’s really just about becoming part of that totally automated pipeline from environment provisioning to application release,” said Pickerill.

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