Datical Rolls Out Support for IBM Mainframe Database

Datical, a provider of database release automation solutions, has added support for Db2 for z/OS. With Datical's support for applications running on Db2 for z/OS, organizations have greater capability to automate database deployments without disrupting mission-critical applications.

"Historically, mainframes have been the go-to platform for enterprises that work with massive amounts of critical transactional data, such as billing and payment processing, inventory tracking and product catalog information," said Pete Pickerill, VP of product strategy, Datical. "As organizations implement agile and DevOps across the entire IT landscape, they've forgotten to modernize the management of the important part of the application—the database. This is really about giving our customers the solutions they've been asking for to help them overcome the challenge of maintaining mission critical applications on legacy mainframe systems while adopting modern DevOps processes."

Datical, which also supports Oracle Database, IBM Db2 for Linux, Unix and Windows, Microsoft SQL Server and EnterpriseDB, manages application database changes alongside application code and keeps everything—application code, people and processes—in sync as new application releases work their way from development through testing, and ultimately, on to production. This enables application teams to close the DevOps gap.

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