Datorios Debuts Apache Flink Pipeline Observability for Stream Data Processing

Datorios, a developer of real-time technology for Apache Flink, is announcing the immediate availability of the Datorios data observability platform—the solution that lets you build, troubleshoot, and deploy data applications faster—for Apache Flink. This latest offering grants greater transparency and insights into stream data processing for Flink pipelines, simplifying the way enterprises manage and audit real-time AI behavior.

With data being constantly streamed into AI systems—usually traveling via Apache Kafka and processed by apps written with Apache Flink—being able to develop, troubleshoot, and audit real-time AI apps is vital.

The Datorios data observability platform for Apache Flink surfaces crucial insights on how streaming data is being transformed and processed within Apache Flink-based data pipelines. The platform affords developers the ability to examine stream data processing during each step of the Apache Flink program, helping to speed up development as well as perfect processing, according to the company.

“The most innovative companies are trusting AI to put operations on autopilot,” said Ronen Korman, CEO and co-founder of Datorios. “Datorios is their flight data recorder, showing them exactly how a system behaved and why at any point in time. Just as with aircraft, unexpected conditions can affect performance; insights from Datorios makes that clear so they can continuously improve their AI.”

Datorios’ platform offers Flink developers:

  • Event visualization to see the journey of data as it travels through each processing operation
  • Event search to trace specific events, particularly useful for auditing and regulatory compliance
  • State monitoring to see how the state changes during processing phases
  • Window analysis that sheds light on the internal processing of windows, including the order of processing, lateness, discarded records, state evolution, and window emits
  • Record and replay of data processing for easy sharing among developers

“I’m a long-time user of Apache Flink, and I’m excited to use Datorios,” said Yaroslav Tkachenko, principal software engineer at crypto data streaming company, GoldSky. “It’s an extremely powerful tool for analyzing Flink pipelines that can visualize events, analyze windows, and even view state.”

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