Datrium Introduces the Automatrix Platform

Datrium is releasing the Automatrix platform, a secure multicloud data platform for the resilient enterprise designed to deliver best-in-class compute, primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, encryption, and data mobility capabilities.

Automatrix will offer a suite of autonomous data management applications, built on its new SaaS application framework, which leverages machine learning to simplify and automate complicated IT tasks.

The first generally available app, ControlShift (previously Project CloudShift), powers data mobility orchestration – including workflow automation for zero-RTO disaster recovery optimized for VMware Cloud DR and frictionless workload portability between clouds; it will be followed by apps for analytics, compliance and search.

Benefits of ControlShift include:

• VMware and Kubernetes-centric
• SaaS-based for ease of compliance
• Supports recovery from ransomware

The next generation technology in Automatrix completes Datrium’s platform, which can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud as software-defined HCI or split-provisioned storage.

Datrium also announced it increased capacity of its Cloud DVX solution by 38X to 1.15 petabytes. The company shared that it will offer even more data services on Amazon Web Services (AWS) within one year, including primary storage that augments the capacity in Datrium Cloud DVX, and will port to Microsoft Azure in 2020.

Datrium Automatrix incorporates data services of computing workloads in a single unified data platform across clouds to deliver the following key benefits:

• Consistent experience on-premises or cloud
• Cost-efficient multicloud workload portability
• Liberation from overhead operating tasks

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