Datrium Unveils Datrium DRaaS for Comprehensive Disaster Recovery

Datrium, a provider of a secure multicloud data platform for the resilient enterprise, is introducing Datrium DRaaS with VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS.

Built on Datrium’s popular workload orchestrator, ControlShift, this new SaaS solution provides the world’s first production support of fully automated failover to the VMware Cloud on AWS based on snapshots held in AWS S3.

Datrium DRaaS offers comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) and cloud backup for data protection of on-premises Datrium DVX systems, with Datrium providing a single point of ordering, billing and support, eliminating the need to manage AWS and VMC accounts directly.

Enterprises using Datrium DRaaS can be confident that their DR plan will provide fast failback, granularly recovering thousands of VMs after a sudden disaster or a rolling disaster such as a ransomware attack, and benefit from significantly reduced administrative time and complexity.

Datrium DRaaS gives customers complete, one-click failover and failback between their on-premises data center and an on-demand SDDC on VMware Cloud on AWS.

Isolated test bubbles, fully orchestrated failover, compliance reports and a consistent management experience on-premises and in the public cloud guarantee that failover and failback always work.

With its built-in support for VMware both on-premises and in the cloud, Datrium’s failproof DR eliminates the fear of experiencing conversion failures during a disaster recovery event. Datrium DRaaS maintains VMs in their native vSphere format and eliminates the need for brittle and time-consuming VM disk format conversions. Customers can operate both their cloud DR site and primary site with vSphere and retain access to familiar abstractions and management tools.

Datrium DRaaS runs on the secure, multi-cloud Datrium Automatrix data platform, which converges primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, encryption and data mobility capabilities into a single solution that provides a consistent data plane.

By combining these capabilities into a single platform, Datrium eliminates silos and complexity, and prevents the need to independently maintain at least five different separate products.

“Most businesses need an IT DR plan, and most of them also can’t prove the one they have will work. They’re so failure prone, work intensive and often capital intensive that many just give up and hope they never face a data center outage,” said Brian Biles, Chief Product Officer at Datrium. “Datrium DRaaS is the first solution to completely transform the DR market from the Dark Ages to the Instant Age.”

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