Deep Engine Leverages Machine Learning to Advance MySQL Database

Deep Information Sciences has launched Deep Engine. Available now for MySQL and Percona Server, Deep Engine is an adaptive database kernel and information orchestration system that combines machine learning with advanced computer science to transform database fundamentals. Implemented as a plug-and-play 10MB storage engine that can be deployed in parallel with, or instead of, existing engines, the company says that Deep Engine allows MySQL to easily adapt, accelerate and scale to higher levels, with minimal cost.

“The ability to unlock big data’s promise lies in a company’s data infrastructure. However, all ‘modern’ databases are built on a foundation of legacy computer science. This outdated science causes MySQL to hit a brick wall and can put a business into controlled chaos,” said Les Yetton, CEO, Deep Information Sciences.  "By reimagining the fundamental science of databases, we’ve removed the inherent limitations with MySQL, allowing businesses to not only gain back control of their data infrastructure but to also wield it as a competitive weapon.”

Deep Engine is built on what the company describes as a new approach to database design called CASSI (Continuous Adaptive Sequential Summarization of Information).  According to the vendor, CASSI allows databases to observe and analyze the host hardware and workloads and then use machine learning algorithms to predict behavior and dynamically adapt to ever-changing scenarios, without going offline. It orchestrates and optimizes data according to optimal fit, placement and timing. As each individual database instance becomes performant and scalable, the benefits are extended to the architecture as a whole.

Deep will showcase DeepSQL at Percona Live, April 13-16, booth #301. Deep Engine initially supports MySQL 5.5 and Percona Server 5.5, with support for version 5.6 of both products available in June 2015.

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