Dell Announces Dell Boomi AtomSphere Summer ’13 Launch; Acquires Cloud Software Provider Enstratius

To enable customers to connect any cloud and on-premise applications without software, appliances or coding, Dell Software has launched Dell Boomi AtomSphere Summer ’13. Dell also announced the acquisition of Enstratius, an enterprise cloud-management software and services provider that delivers single and multi-cloud management capabilities. 

Featuring real-time application integration, automated integration packs for ISVs and SaaS vendors, and extended vertical service process libraries, the Summer ’13 release is faster and easier to use, accelerating the adoption of cloud-enabled business models for organizations of all sizes. 

Dell Boomi AtomSphere ’13 features real-time application integration that improves scalability, security and performance for meeting real-time business requirements. Automated integration packs for ISVs and SaaS vendors remove integration obstacles during the sales cycle, while extended vertical service process libraries across system integrators for GSIs enhance time-to-value with custom services. “We allow systems to talk to each other between any two endpoints. Those endpoints can be on-premise to on-premise, cloud to on-premise, or cloud to cloud. We can do these patterns in real-time kinds of ways as well as ETL processes, and we have a whole business-to-business capability,” Chris McNabb, general manager of Dell Boomi, tells 5 Minute Briefing.

As the cloud trend continues to grow, it is becoming essential for companies to offer flexible and nimble solutions that protect mission-critical application investments and prepare for a new set of SaaS-based offerings that enable organizations to pursue new market opportunities and revenue streams. “We have a very robust, well-rounded, large enterprise-grade integration platform that is a cloud web service application,” McNabb explains.

In addition, newly acquired Enstratius helps organizations manage applications across private, public and hybrid clouds, including automated application provisioning and scaling, application configuration management, usage governance, and cloud utilization monitoring. 

The acquisition of Enstratius is intended to strengthen Dell’s end-to-end solutions strategy, bringing key capabilities to deliver cloud-management solutions to customers. Enstratius is available as software-as-a-service or as on-premises software, enabling full control from within a customer’s data center, or via a hosted service.

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