Dell EMC Announces Next Virtual Tape Offering

Dell EMC has rolled out DLm release 4.5 for cloud-based physical tape replacement, offered as a substitute for physical tape. This builds on Dell EMC’s offerings of Dell EMC VMAX All Flash primary storage and Disk Library for mainframe (DLm) virtual tape.

In non-mainframe datacenters, many companies today, rather than dealing with the complexity and overhead of physical tape, are moving archives and data that they know must be retained four a very long period of time, to the cloud. Until today, very few mainframe virtual tape systems offered any cloud solution for the long-term retention problem.

“At Dell EMC, we recognize that the mainframe data center of today must become even more efficient by utilizing resources already in common use, like public and private clouds,” said Paul Scheuer, Dell EMC Mainframe Storage Product Marketing Manager. “Until today however, there has been no broadly supported way to move mainframe virtual tape data to the cloud.”

By placing technology for connecting to any type of cloud, Dell EMC DLm enables mainframe data centers to take advantage of new or existing cloud infrastructures to eliminate the need for physical tape.

DLm 4.5 works with leading public and private cloud storage providers to enable storage administrators to move their data with DLm’s built-in policy engine, while continuing to place tape data requiring faster access on Dell EMC Data Domain, Dell EMC VNX, or VMAX.

In addition, Dell EMC has added support for Data Domain DD6300, DD6800, DD9300 and DD9800 as well as support for Data Domain High Availability (HA). The vendor also added Dell EMC’s GDDR technology to DLm with a feature called GDDR Tape, designed to simplify and automates DLm system failover, whether a DR test or actual data center failover.

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