Dell Expands Integration with SAP HANA

Dell has expanded its integration with SAP to include new product certifications for SAP’s HANA in-memory database appliance software.  The new Dell solutions for SAP HANA are designed to speed deployment and reduce time to value for running SAP HANA applications. 

The Dell PowerEdge R920 server, the company’s highest performing server, has achieved certification for SAP HANA. This 4-socket, 4U server built on Intel’s new E7 processors is designed to handle demanding, mission critical workloads, and initial SAP workload testing shows a world record 4-socket Linux benchmark result of 25,451 benchmark users on the SAP SD 2-Tier benchmark, and up to a 71% improved performance over the previous best 4-socket SAP SD benchmark. Dell said it expects additional benchmark testing and certifications on SAP HANA in the coming months. 

In addition, according to Dell, the PowerEdge single-server and scale-out configurations give SAP customers the benefits of running business applications analytics on the same platform simultaneously. The scale-out configurations are designed to support large scale business analytics applications.

The Dell PowerEdge R910 and R920 server design allows for incremental growth from 1 to 16 terabytes, so that customers can buy what they need today, with the confidence that their infrastructure will evolve as their needs change. To help customers future-proof their technology investments, Dell provides scale-out solutions with the same PowerEdge server platform for all configurations, and according to Dell by utilizing both fibre channel SAN technology and a multi-node design, the Dell scale-out solutions for SAP HANA are designed to provide resiliency and easy expandability.

“Dell today is a very different company than it was a few short years ago. We have expanded the range of products and solutions we offer customers and are helping them solve business problems in different ways. We have also increased our focus on designing and delivering the best technology infrastructure on which businesses can run mission-critical applications,” said Sam Greenblatt, chief architect, technology officer and vice president of Engineered Solutions and Technology at Dell. “This effort is evident with the PowerEdge R920’s certification for SAP HANA, and it is another example of how we are working to ensure the two companies’ products and technologies are integrated and optimized for use with each other.”

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