Dell Extends its SharePlex Solution to Three Additional Platforms

Dell is updating its SharePlex database replication and near real-time data integration solution to enable users to replicate Oracle data directly to SAP HANA, Teradata, or EnterpriseDB Postgres.

“We’ve never added three new targets in one release so this is a big milestone for us,” Greg Davoll, director of product management, Database Management at Dell. “It really expands the opportunity for SharePlex in that, now, we’ll be able to hit a lot more of the use cases that we’ve been asked about over the last 10 years.”

With this release, SharePlex now supports a host of target environments, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, SAP ASE, Java Message Service (JMS), SQL, and XML Files.

“There are  a large number of companies that are trying to create and build analytics and big data applications,” Davoll said. “In order to do that, they need data that has been housed in the Oracle data bases.”

The expanded platform support from SharePlex gives organizations the agility and flexibility needed grow, diversify, and modernize their database infrastructure, according to Dell.  With the latest release of Dell SharePlex, organizations migrating to SAP HANA, Teradata, or EnterpriseDB Postgres can achieve reduced downtime, deploy unlimited practice runs with no impact to the production environment, and put control of scheduling back in the hands of the IT team.

“We’re working with a class of customers whose direction with their SAP applications is to move to HANA so it becomes an enabling technology to help customers that are running SAP today on Oracle to move to HANA over time,” Davoll said.

Goals for the future include adding more platform and target types, Davoll explained. “Today SharePlex has Oracle as a source but we can’t support any other sources,” Davoll said. “We will expand out both from a relational database sense and non-relational over time.”

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