Dell Introduces New PowerEdge Servers Aimed at Needs of Small and Midsize Businesses

Dell expanded its PowerEdge 13th generation servers with the introduction of four new entry-level servers that provide greater performance, flexibility and efficiency for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

The latest Dell PowerEdge servers are designed to address the top IT pain points of SMBs which Dell says are performance, hardware capacity, and IT complexity. The new Dell PowerEdge servers include the  PowerEdge R330 and  R230 rack servers and the PowerEdge T330 and T130 tower servers.  Additionally, for the first time, Dell’s entry-level server T130 features Dell’s OpenManage systems management portfolio providing SMBs with simple and intuitive tools that reduce deployment time by up to 40%.

“There are over 125 million SOHO (small office/home office) and SMB customers around the globe, and these customers operate in challenging, fast-changing environments – with most not having the luxury of a dedicated IT department. These customers require IT solutions that help them prepare for future growth, drive application performance and improve operational efficiency,” said Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, vice president and general manager, Dell Server Solutions. “Dell has been helping customers in this space achieve their goals for decades and our new entry-level PowerEdge servers have the performance, expandability and flexibility to help them do business even more efficiently.”

Offering large amounts of internal storage capacity, configuration flexibility, and an expandable memory footprint, the new entry-level PowerEdge servers feature up to four DDR4 memory slots and up to four or eight hard drives depending on the model.

The new server line- up includes:

  • Dell PowerEdge R330 – a rack server aimed at small businesses, remote offices of large institutions and OEM customers who are seeking enhanced hardwareand serviceability. The PowerEdge R330 provides up to 56% more internal storage capacity than the previous generation server.
  • Dell PowerEdge R230 – a rack server designed for distributed applications in SMBs, hosting companies and OEM customers. This server has 100% more memory capacity, three times the maximum internal storage capacity and two times the I/O expansion compared to the previous generation server.
  • Dell PowerEdge T330 – an expandable, rackable tower server for SMBs and departments and remote offices of large corporations that need greater internal storage. The PowerEdge T330 is designed for future growth, with up to four DDR4 memory slots and up to eight 3.5-inch hard drives.
  • Dell PowerEdge T130 – a tower server for driving collaboration and productivity applications in small offices/home offices (SOHO). The PowerEdge T130 provides two times the memory capacity compared to the previous generation.

More information is available about the  PowerEdge R330 and  R230 rack servers and the PowerEdge T330 and T130 tower servers. 

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