Dell Launches New Virtualization Initiative

Dell has introduced a line of new capabilities and services for it Virtual Integrated System (VIS) architecture, intended to help customers transition workloads to a cloud-based infrastructure. Three new components - Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager, Self-Service Creator, and VIS Director - are designed to better unify heterogeneous compute, storage and networking assets into a common pool of resources.

The VIS architecture is comprised of modular components that integrate with customers' existing IT environments. This includes Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager (AIM), designed to enable a single administrator to allocate server, storage and network resources against application workloads. The solution can bring together heterogeneous hardware offerings and leading virtualization hypervisors to create virtual pools of resources that are easy to manage. AIM abstracts the hardware and virtualization layers from the data center so that customers can focus on allocating a single pool of resources instead of managing various technologies.

Another component, Dell's VIS Self-Service Creator, standardizes and automates the way applications are deployed, through a web-based portal that enables authorized users to select, deploy and manage a customized catalog of IT applications and resources.

Dell VIS Director serves as the IT operations hub for the virtual environment, giving administrators a view of virtual dependencies and enabling them to quickly identify issues within the virtual environment. The module includes advanced reporting, what-if and trend analysis, capacity and utilization reporting and cost allocation and chargeback solutions.

Dell also says it is offering a range of services to assist customers with VIS deployments.

Dell Advanced Infrastructure Manager and Dell VIS Self-Service Creator are now shipping, and the Dell VIS Director will be available at an unspecified future date.

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