Dell Launches Statistica 13.1 to Empower Citizen Data Scientists

Dell is releasing an upgraded version of its Statistica advanced analytics platform, providing tools to address Internet of Things (IoT) analytics requirements and leverage heterogeneous data environments.

“We want to start having our software accessible, usable, able to be leveraged by people who are business analysts, people who are MBAs, people who are working in an organization who are charged with trying to understand different business phenomena,” said John Thompson, general manager of Dell Statistica.

New features in Dell Statistica version 13.1 include functionality to help citizen data scientists easily prepare structured and unstructured data, the ability to deploy analytics on devices and gateways anywhere in the world for edge scoring, and the extension of in-database analytics capabilities to platforms such as Apache Hive, MySQL, Oracle, and Teradata.

The goal of version 13.1 is to help companies cope with a worldwide shortage of traditional data scientists, manage the complexities of modern IoT environments, and address the proliferation of new data sources and data types, according to Dell.

“Our IoT strategy has now matured to the point of where we can deliver analytical models, predictive models, or rules based models anywhere in the world we want,” Thompson said.

 Other enhanced features include streamlined workflows for citizen data scientists, edge scoring for IoT analytics, expanded in-database analytics for complex data environments, network analytics for enhanced fraud detection, and more.

Future plans for the platform include offering Statistica in the cloud, partnerships and integrations with other solutions, and more, Thompson said.

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