Dell Releases Free Version of Statistica Analytics Software

Dell is releasing a free version of its Statistica advanced analytics software to all U.S. college students and professors, helping to boost interest in and preparedness for data analytics careers.

“Today’s organizations, including institutions of higher education, depend on advanced technologies in security, data analytics and mobility to stay ahead of student and faculty needs,” said Jon Phillips, managing director of worldwide education strategy at Dell.  “At the same time, they realize that students who gain knowledge and expertise in these technologies learn critical career-enhancing skills. Today, we see a dangerous nationwide shortage in professionals with data analytics skills, which has prompted Dell to offer our award-winning Statistica advanced analytics software free for all U.S. college students and professors.”

After realizing a shortage of data scientists and other professionals with data analytics skills was becoming a nationwide problem, Dell made its advanced analytics software free for all U.S. college students and professors through the Dell Statistica Free Academic Program.

Dell Statistica, a solution that does not require coding and integrates with open source R, delivers a full range of advanced and predictive analytics tools that help organizations predict future trends, identify new customers and sales opportunities, forecast industry shifts, explore “what-if” scenarios, and reduce the occurrence of fraud and other business risks.

The Dell Statistica Free Academic Program provides college students with free access to industry-leading advanced analytics technology, as a well as a host of support materials, including a free online statistics textbook, how-to-videos, and access to a growing base of collegiate and professional users in the broader STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) community.

The free offering also applies to all college and university professors, enabling them to make hands-on practicum a more relevant part of their curriculum, and to aid in their own research endeavors.

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