Dell Releases Update to its Statistica Solution

Dell Software Group unveiled an update to its analytics platform Dell Statistica that will help users transform their businesses with analytics.

Key features of Statistica 13.2 include new collective intelligence capabilities to enable native integration with open source and application marketplaces, a new user interface designed to mask complexity and simplify workflows for citizen data scientists, and the ability to distribute data preparation and analytic workflows to any edge device or gateway.

The latest release of Statistica leverages the power of the global analytics community through new collective intelligence capabilities that enable users to connect directly with analytics marketplaces, public datasets, and non-proprietary, standard scripting languages.

In addition to Statistica’s already robust support for R, with the latest release, users can now script in Python, C#, and Visual Basic.

The update continues to deliver a series of new features specifically designed to simplify analytics for the non-technical user, including a new citizen data scientist UI. The new release also features the ability to export Statistica objects so that non-technical users can edit them in Excel before importing them back into Statistica.

 “With the citizen data scientist now the primary driving force behind most advanced analytics initiatives, the value of an advanced analytics solutions is in great part tied to its ability to simplify complex processes and empower these non-technical users to move projects forward,” said John K. Thompson, general manager, Dell Statistica. “Statistica 13.2 was built with precisely this customer need in mind. Whether it’s through our focus on connected intelligence, the introduction of a citizen data scientist UI, or the continued emphasis on edge analytics, Dell Statistica continues to lead the push to democratize analytics and make them accessible to an-ever growing community of interested users.”

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