Dell Services Launches Innovation Lab for SAP HANA

Dell Services is introducing its own innovation lab for SAP HANA, designed to help organizations evaluate, understand, and benefit from their investments in the SAP HANA platform.

“We’re really trying to build standard industry based solutions that sit on top of S4,” said Simon Spence, global director of Dell SAP practice. “We’ve really built a set of assets around value and identification for HANA and we can help customers work through that.”

With Dell Services’ SAP HANA lab, customers can load up to 30 terabytes (TB) of data to fully configure solutions for prototyping or proof of concepts to help them better understand and articulate the business value.

The new lab is built on the SAP HANA advanced in-memory platform and offers a personalized user experience covering mission-critical business processes, such as sales, finance, manufacturing and procurement.

Special features and services include infrastructure provisioning, co-innovation lab, and consulting services that help customers identify potential value, create a business case, provide specific industry solutions with smart factory and IoT, and develop zero-impact migration plans.

"This is the next great transformational moment in the SAP space,” Spence said. “It’s really going to drive and enable the move to cloud and having infrastructure provided as a service.”

Existing SAP customers who’ve had SAP for many years but have not kept up with upgrades will benefit the most, according to Spence.

“It’s exciting times in the SAP ecosystem because we all now have a different digital core to sell,” Spence said. “We had incremental non-core capabilities that have added on to SAP ecosystem to make it bigger. Now I’m really seeing the capability to push forward with S4.”

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