Dell Strengthens Self-Service BI with Toad BI Suite 2.0

Dell Software today announced the latest version of Toad Business Intelligence Suite, an integrated solution to enable organizations to more easily access and extract meaningful information from traditional and non-traditional data sources. The latest release of Toad Business Intelligence Suite, which will be available this quarter,  is planned to further facilitate self-service business intelligence across complex data environments.

Toad Business Intelligence Suite allows users to rapidly combine data across multiple sources, locations and formats —traditional databases like Oracle, IBM, MS Access, and Excel, as well as cloud databases, and big data sources like Hadoop.  The suite is comprised of Toad Data Point, a desktop tool for analytic data provisioners that connects to traditional and non-traditional data sources through a dashboard, automating routine tasks and offering transform and cleanse capabilities; and Toad Decision Point, a desktop tool for business analytic experts that enables exploration, analysis and reporting of data reporting without impacting corporate governance standards.

A third key component of the suite is Toad Intelligence Central, a virtual analytic data layer that complements existing IT and BI architectures, enabling users of the suite’s desktop tools - Toad Data Point and Toad Decision Point - to easily share and view data.

“Toad BI Suite 2.0 continues on the theme of creating agile and flexible business intelligence and we are building on the capabilities to assist our customers in having very governed business intelligence and business analytics environments,” Joanna Schloss, subject matter expert for business intelligence analytics and big data in the information management group center of excellence at Dell, tells 5 Minute Briefing. “Of course, none of this would be very useful if it was a siloed solution, and so the Toad BI Suite continues to have robust and even more hardened performance for collaboration.”

Five Key Areas of Enhancement in Toad 2.0

Enhanced features in the 2.0 release center on a number of key areas, according to Schloss. The first area of enhancement focuses on storyboarding and enhanced visualization capabilities which allow users to publish in-depth analyses via the web for consumption by additional line-of-business decision makers. The aim, notes Schloss is to provide an executive dashboard view and very succinctly articulate an analysis story from that dashboard. In addition, desktop self-service data integration is faster and more agile with performance enhancements that accelerate the ability to share data and queries in real time while streamlining collaboration and analysis.  

Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0 also expands connectivity by extending its list of data connectors with complete support for Microsoft Analysis Services and connectivity to Amazon’s DynamoDB and Redshift databases.

There are also improvements is visualization in support of the dashboard views to enable a very customized experience for Toad Decision Point users. “Decision Point knows who you are when you log in, and can remember for example that I like pie charts, while someone else likes bar charts. And so, the automatic wizard will pop up with the visualizations of my choice.”

And finally, adds Schloss, there is also support for mobile deployment of all the dashboards through support for HTML5.

Toad Business Intelligence Suite will be available this quarter.  Learn more about Dell’s Information Management software solution online.