Dell Updates Toad Cross-Platform Solution Portfolio

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Dell is releasing a series of updates to its Toad family of database solutions that will continue to prioritize managing data across a variety of platforms.

“Businesses want to do more with less spend,” said John Whittaker, executive director of marketing at Dell Software. “Being able to do more with resources is a key component we drive into our offering.”

The latest enhancements enable data professionals to better manage Oracle, SAP, IBM, and Hadoop databases, and prepare data from across these and dozens of other platforms for analytics. New capabilities allow customers to automate agile development practices, improve data preparation for analytics and reporting, and gain flexibility in selecting database platforms, according to Dell. .

“We’re evolving Toad beyond the tool for the individual database professional to being a portfolio for organizations as a whole for the line of business users, developers, database administrators, for the teams that work with analytics, etc,” said Darin Bartik, executive director of product management at Dell Software.

Toad’s expanded toolset for Oracle helps development and DBA teams work more collaboratively through integration with Toad Intelligence Central, allowing users to more easily share Toad files and attributes such as scripts, connections, automation actions, and code analysis rule sets.

“We’re pushing beyond the walls of the database to help the organization get the advantage of the data by linking with other parts of the Dell portfolio,” Bartik said.

Additionally, management teams have access to new web-based reporting for code analysis, enabling them to view historical and readiness code reports without additional licenses.

Other enhancements to Toad for Oracle include a redesign of the main SQL development area and a revamped Team Coding area to improve support and management with third-party version control systems.

The updates include improved data preparation with Toad Data Point, addressing the need for simplified data preparation with new features to ease the process to transform, cleanse, group, aggregate, and share data.

Toad Data Point will feature an upgraded transformation and cleanse engine, which now includes data profiling capabilities, new transformation rules, and a more robust engine for processing larger data sets, allowing users to manipulate and change data more easily.

The new release also enhances and simplifies the process of aggregating data, pivoting data, and visually understanding data joins.

Expanding its leadership beyond Oracle and other relational platforms, the Toad family now offers support for SAP HANA, as well as improved capabilities for IBM DB2 and Hadoop. This expanded platform support not only improves overall team member productivity and performance, but also helps reduce the learning curve often experienced when transitioning to a new database management system by enabling users to manage all their databases, including SAP Sybase ASE and SAP HANA, using the familiar Toad family interface and tool set.

“We’re very excited for these upcoming announcements,” Bartik said. “Hopefully, our millions of users will be excited about these enhancements. We’ll continue to add value to organizations and thousands of other organizations to come.”

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