Deloitte Acquires Giant Machines, Fortifying its Engineering Prowess

Deloitte is announcing its acquisition of Giant Machines, a digital product company with a focus on strategizing, designing, and engineering innovative digital products. This acquisition will directly benefit Deloitte Digital and Deloitte Engineering's mission in delivering its customers the engineering advantage needed to grow and outperform their competitors in an ever-shifting technological landscape.

Founded in 2015, Giant Machines specializes in product design and development, offering expertise in market and user research, product strategy, prototyping, engineering and design, and product management. Having developed large-scale, custom solutions for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries, Giant Machines’ knack for solution design and development is its foremost value prop, according to the company. 

Giant Machines also focuses on the “future of engineering,” delivering inclusive and custom learning experiences for both existing and prospective engineers—which will be incorporated into Deloitte’s existing training programs.

Deloitte’s acquisition of Giant Machines is a testament to Deloitte’s passion for enabling its customers to thrive amid extreme market disruption. As new technologies continue to rattle organizations everywhere, Deloitte’s team of technologists, creators, product managers, and designers saw potential in Giant Machines’ unique capacity for product design and development.

“A lot of what our clients are looking for [is] confidence, momentum, and a foundation to build upon. And Giant Machines really embodied a lot of that [with] what they're able to do to create momentum—have an idea going from concept to code—...that can generate revenue, that can show [a] path to market,” said Tim Juravich, principal and product and engineering leader at Deloitte.

Giant Machines’ innovations in engineering will bolster and complement Deloitte’s existing engineering teams, allowing them to accelerate product development and expand their product vision.

“We built Giant Machines into what it is today with a relentless focus on outcomes and by helping our clients to see a bigger picture,” said Roy Yang, CEO of Giant Machines. “It’s that same philosophy that drew us to Deloitte. In joining Deloitte, I believe we can take our vision of creating tech that matters and advance it even further, providing greater opportunities for clients.”

“One of the amazing pieces of Giant Machines [is that it] really fits us like a perfect puzzle piece. The work that they’ve already done, we’re extending now into Deloitte,” said Juravich. “The biggest thing is that Giant Machines has been momentous in their ability to get into the strategic and engineering space, but we're now able to bring the full-scale engineering to some of the clients who have been looking to grow and do more.”

Deloitte’s acquisition of Giant Machines signals its awareness of the ever-changing, ever-evolving nature of today’s tech market. Customers of Deloitte can be assured that Deloitte will take these market changes in stride, paving the path toward an effective engineering strategy despite the ambiguity of a product- and solution-overwhelmed world, according to Juravich.

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