Deloitte Acquires Optimal Design Co. to Expand its Software and Product Engineering Services Portfolio

Deloitte is acquiring the assets of Optimal Design Co., a product engineering services (PES) company specializing in the innovation and development of smart connected products and internet of things (IoT) devices, enabling clients to unlock innovation and achieve their digital transformation goals.

"The addition of Optimal Design's business to the Deloitte engineering portfolio substantially expands our ability to help companies develop visionary solutions, harness the power of smart connected products, and integrate IoT devices across their businesses," said Kevin Prendeville, principal and product engineering services leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. "As the physical and digital worlds increasingly intersect, providing our clients these innovation capabilities will be crucial for meeting their needs today and tomorrow.”

Deloitte's acquisition of Optimal Design's business adds to the organization's extensive and growing engineering capabilities, including a broad skill set that enables opportunity for clients across the innovation spectrum—from product ideation to physical prototype development.

"Along with my co-founders, Joe Wascow and Dan Williams, and our award-winning team, we've been successful in establishing Optimal Design as an end-to-end leader in the PES industry for more than 20 years," said Sajid Patel, CEO and co-founder of Optimal Design. "Combining our U.S. design, engineering, and prototyping capabilities and experience with Deloitte's reach offers greater opportunity for innovation for our clients and advancement for our employees. We see tremendous potential in what lies ahead as we bring our deep curiosity, technology experience and culture of creativity and collaboration to Deloitte's engineering and consulting ecosystem."

The addition of Optimal Design's business follows several strategic global acquisitions, underscoring Deloitte's commitment to the product engineering industry, according to the company.

Building on its 2022 acquisition of substantially all the assets of Dextra Technologies—as well as its 2020 acquisition of HashedIn Technologies, a cloud native software engineering and product development firm, Deloitte is firmly positioned as an end-to-end leader in PES.

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