Deloitte Expands SAP Business Technology Platform with Generative AI

Deloitte announced it is expanding its practices for SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to build and deliver generative AI solutions to clients.

Deloitte's approach of Clean Core + Edge Innovation relies on cloud application development and embedding AI capabilities and data-driven insights to help cloud ERP clients deliver real business value while limiting technical debt.

Together, Deloitte and SAP have a long history of providing organizations with a simplified tech architecture that fosters agility while enabling rapid innovation.

Combining the power of SAP BTP and generative AI, Deloitte's talented pool of business transformation professionals are ready to architect, deploy and run uses cases optimized for cloud solutions and designed to deliver exponential value to enterprise ERP platforms.

"Deloitte's ready-to-deploy use cases, SAP and broader technology experience, combined with SAP BTP, can provide intelligent and responsive solutions, from small-scale edge innovation to large-scale transformation,” said Chip Kleinheksel, enterprise performance generative AI leader, and SAP Chief technology officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

As part of this collaboration, Deloitte is also exploring opportunities to leverage Joule, SAP's new natural-language, generative AI copilot, across industry and line-of-business solutions and within its microservices architecture.

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