Deloitte and Oracle Partner to Deliver Intelligent, Patient-Focused Healthcare Solutions

Deloitte is expanding its operating system for health care to include services for Oracle, a provider of operational and clinical technology for hospitals and health care systems worldwide.

According to the company, Deloitte’s expanding health care technology offerings, Deloitte Health—Oracle Accelerated, are designed to keep pace with the changing world of health care, which is moving into broad ecosystems and platforms, and shifting from being driven by hospitals, providers, or insurance companies to being driven by patients.

“Collaboration across the entire ecosystem will be critical to making health care more efficient, holistic, accessible and equitable,” said Stephanie Trunzo, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Health. “It takes organizations like Deloitte, and communities, organizations, innovators to empower health care clinicians to provide better care.”

In the current environment, the health care delivery system can benefit from Deloitte’s industry know-how and Oracle’s extensive portfolio of technology, which is uniquely positioned to become the operating system for health care, according to the vendors.

A long-time Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) member, Deloitte is working with Oracle Health to provide clients a future-ready health care delivery system through five immediate priority initiatives created to:

  • Modernize the Core: assisting health care organizations as they implement, operate and support a modern electronic health record (EHR) platform.
  • Rationalize and Enable Cloud Evolution: migrating clients to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and rationalizing infrastructure and applications.
  • Improve Performance and Automate Workflows: leveraging Deloitte assets and capabilities to achieve full potential of OCI and data to improve operational and clinical workflows and outcomes.
  • Realize Business/Operations Efficiencies: improving the back-office by integrating enterprise resource planning, clinical and human resources data together to provide operational insights.
  • Drive AI-powered Insights and Actions: enable operations of an intelligent health system with optimized digital-provider and consumer workflow experiences.

Some of these initiatives are already having tangible market impacts. A large health system, and an innovative leading specialty center are engaging Deloitte Health—Oracle Accelerated for EHR, back-office transformation, AI, data, analytics, and insights.

“As health care continues to shift toward patient-driven, wellness care, we believe it’s important to align our offerings with the future of health care, and to lead our Oracle clients toward increasing degrees of digital transformation and human-centric, intelligent care delivery,” said Hashim Simjee, global Oracle health care leader, and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “Our goal is to empower consumers to control their own health care journeys while giving providers the means to deliver both better human and financial outcomes.”

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