Deloitte and SAP Collaborate to Expand Sustainable Operations

Deloitte announced a new asset roadmap and suite of cross-business integrated sustainability solution offerings, leveraging SAP technologies.

Deloitte’s new cross-business sustainability offerings and roadmap for SAP provide the knowledge and resources to help businesses remain resilient and move as fast as the speed of transformation.

Building on Deloitte’s extensive experience in sustainability reporting, performance management, large-scale finance transformations and system implementations, these new solutions are designed to help clients shape responsible and resilient business strategies in an increasingly unpredictable world.

Available now, the roadmap and the five new offerings—ESG Strategy, Performance and Reporting, Climate and Decarbonization, Sustainable Supply Chains, and Financing Sustainability—assist clients throughout their end-to-end sustainability journey, according to the company.

Deloitte’s five new sustainability solution offerings leverage SAP technologies and Deloitte’s deep subject-matter experience to deliver broad, issue-based solutions that help clients remain agile in a constantly changing business environment and stay ahead of the competition:

  • ESG Strategy: Integrates economic, environmental, and social performance insights into strategic decisions, business models and future operations. Helps clients to be proactive as the market shifts while addressing sustainability trends and regulations in their investment strategies. Benefits of this offering include transparency into sustainability-related activities and initiatives and reduced exposure to risks related to climate, brand, and compliance. Clients tap into SAP technologies and data to connect core business operations and strategy, providing data availability, quality, and governance from the start of project design
  • Performance and Reporting: Incorporates and automates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting to help clients align to policy and regulation changes, while enabling them to make highly informed strategic decisions through transparency of enterprise-wide sustainability-related activities and initiatives. This solution can help clients stay abreast of evolving ESG regulatory and standards developments, investor pressure, increasing shareholders and stakeholders’ demand for accountability, finance decisions and better manage risk.
  • Climate and Decarbonization: Helps clients to expedite net-zero emission plans and gain insights on progress toward their sustainability goals. Driven by regulatory compliance, climate risk mitigation, investment access, brand reputation and consumer demands, this offering provides deep service integration. Coupled with Deloitte’s extensive SAP S/4HANA implementation and integration experience and complex accounting projects and proprietary assets complementing SAP technology, this offering can help clients to expand their sustainable capabilities with increased confidence.
  • Sustainable Supply Chains: Embeds sustainability into day-to-day operations to innovate and to create sustainable value in network collaboration, helping clients reduce waste and overall carbon footprint. Embedding sustainability considerations into core business practices like sustainable supply chains can increase employee well-being and development and foster an inclusive workplace. It also promotes safe operations and improves brand positioning through sustainable operations and sustainability claim evidence. Deloitte’s global network of SAP technology specialists and risk advisory, compliance, financial and tax advisory consultants come together to help clients address their complex challenges.
  • Financing Sustainability: Helps identify the right funds for transformation, leveraging the most economically beneficial channels. Through the solution offering, clients gain smarter and faster access to investments through tax regulations, green funding opportunities, and other evolving vehicles. This solution enhances existing SAP solutions and technology to provide insights into risks and opportunities and helps clients improve management of their sustainability project portfolios.

“Deloitte’s alliance with SAP helps our respective organizations to tap into our broad spectrum of capabilities and deep sustainability experience. Together, we bring the best of both organizations to develop comprehensive, issue-based technology offerings that help our clients address rapidly changing business environments,” said Punit Renjen, CEO, Deloitte Global. “Together, we are well-positioned to deliver highly customized solutions that are good for business—and the world.”

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