Deloitte’s Recent Acquisition Expands Analytics Practice with Deep Learning Models and Next-Generation AI Solutions

Deloitte is acquiring the operations of OpTeamizer, an AI, generative AI, and accelerated computing company specializing in the development and implementation of AI solutions running on NVIDIA accelerated computing.

With the acquisition, Deloitte expands its high-performance computing engineering capabilities, helping clients harness the power of generative AI, supercomputers, and edge AI to increase automation, optimize business processes, and realize greater business value, according to the company.

"As Generative AI transforms the way we work, Deloitte has continued to invest intentionally and strategically to help our clients innovate at speed. OpTeamizer broadens that value further by bringing deep high-performance computing experience to Deloitte's full stack AI capabilities and alliance ecosystem. We look forward to continuing to unlock new opportunities with AI and scaling our capabilities to help solve our clients' most complex business and AI challenges with the addition of the OpTeamizer team to our business," said Jim Rowan, AI market activation leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP.

A member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, OpTeamizer brings extensive experience in NVIDIA training workshops, NVIDIA-accelerated high-performance computing (HPC) technology, the NVIDIA Jetson platform, and development on NVIDIA CUDA to Deloitte.

The OpTeamizer team of AI engineers and data scientists will join Deloitte to focus on expanding NVIDIA technology applications and areas of device-based AI and sensing for client applications across several industries, including life science and health care, security, aerial systems, and autonomous vehicles.

Building on Deloitte’s recent acquisitions of SFL ScientificNational TeleConsultants LLCGiant MachinesHashedIn TechnologiesDextra Technologies, and Optimal Design, OpTeamizer enhances the entire AI stack for Deloitte clients, helping them to maximize the impact of their compute and infrastructure investments at scale, according to Deloitte.

“We are excited to join the world’s largest consulting organization, and together we will leverage OpTeamizer’s research and development capabilities to seize opportunities and enter new sectors. We are in a pivotal moment for AI and accelerated computing—a time when NVIDIA accelerated computing is an engine that drives a wide range of AI-based applications. Together, we will expand and deepen the value we provide to clients,” said Tomer Gal, founder, OpTeamizer.

The acquisition follows Deloitte’s recent expansion of its strategic alliance with NVIDIA to unlock the value of generative AI across enterprise software platforms.

Deloitte is also working with NVIDIA to establish an Ambassador AI program to help clients advance their AI journeys using NVIDIA AI Foundation Models and the NVIDIA NeMo framework for building and customizing generative AI models, which is part of NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

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