Delphix Arms its Data Platform with New Ransomware Enhancement Protection

Delphix, provider of programmable data infrastructure, is offering new capabilities that close critical data gaps against ransomware attacks.

“You can drive a truck through the holes in legacy ransomware solutions,” said Jedidiah Yueh, CEO of Delphix. “Once-a-day backups are insufficient. Companies can’t afford to lose a day’s worth of transactional data. In addition, closed-box backup approaches fail to safeguard against undetected attacks, sometimes for months. Companies need an open-box detection approach, especially for mission-critical data.” 

The Delphix data platform arms customers with:

  • Maximum coverage for high change rates
  • Continuous data coverage for enterprise applications and databases
  • Space and cost-efficient data retention for maximum protection
  • Instant provisioning to any point in time for fast recovery
  • Data Immutability
  • An immutable data time machine that will not overwrite any data
  • Open Box Data Testing and Validation
  • Automatic provisioning to test for data block consistency and integrity
  • APIs to automate data validation to reduce windows of undetected data loss
  • Data observability to find and recover from purposeful or accidental data changes and errors
  • Air Gap Data Isolation
  • Flexible replication configurations, secure network implementation, and advanced security and identity controls to prevent data loss and tampering.

“Delphix provides a continuous and immutable data time machine for enterprise apps and databases,” said Jason Grauel, VP product management. “Our ransomware solution helps enterprises recover data to the precise moment before an attack and our open-box approach enables data observability. The benefits compared to backup solutions is enormous.”

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