Delphix Develops Partner Program to Assist Partners in Gaining Insights from Data Management Solutions

Delphix is developing a three-tiered Channel Partner Program to support a growing demand for more agile data management.

With their deep understanding of specialty markets, these partners expand access to Delphix technology, accelerating, simplifying and transforming the way modern enterprises across industries and across the world deal with their data.

Delphix has hired more than ten new employees that are directly focused on working with partners to educate the market about data virtualization.

This program is designed so Delphix partners quickly gain a thorough command of the core Delphix technology.

In addition to the in-person support partners receive through trainings and the Partner University events, the digital program boasts 27 courses, with tailored perspectives on how Delphix serves a variety of global markets and specific industries.

“Because the technology of data virtualization is still relatively new, we rely on our partners to help demonstrate how moving that data can be done better and faster with Delphix,” said Denise Zelt, Senior Manager of Channel Marketing Programs at Delphix.  “We value our partners immensely, and this partner program demonstrates the heightened commitment we place on our partners’ success.”

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