Delphix Improves Security for Application Development

Delphix is making major updates to its data operations platform, delivering enhancements to strengthen secure application development in the data center and in the cloud.

“One of the main bottlenecks that we hear about over and over is management of all of this data,” Dan Graves, vice president of product marketing. “That’s where Delphix comes in. Our core value is unlocking that data in a secure way to allow businesses to a have fast, fresh, full production environment.”

Delphix 5.0 includes a new data masking capability called Selective Data Distribution that delivers masked data into non-production environments.  “We keep it in sync with production, mask it, we synchronize just the changes up and then you get this full usability to do secure dev testing in the cloud,” Graves said.

The updated platform also introduces support for IBM DB2 on Linux and Unix, and expands support for Oracle E-Business Suite.  “This allows us to cover, by far, the majority of the databases in companies,” Graves said.

Other enhancements to the Delphix platform include selective data distribution.

“It’s the best of both worlds in giving you all the speed and agility that you want with data management plus native security,” Graves said. “Our customers are innovating on our platform constantly and so it’s only with close partnership with them that we’re really finding out all these different opportunities.”

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