Delphix Links Data as a Service to External Clouds

Delphix, a data as a service (DaaS) provider, has updated its DaaS Platform to support Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack, and KVM hypervisor environments for simple migration to both private and public clouds. 

“Getting data from the data center to private and public clouds is a major obstacle for cloud initiatives, both for migrations and continuing operations,” said Dan Graves, VP of product management for Delphix. “With support for these major cloud platforms, Delphix has made true Data as a Service available. Our goal is to make cloud migration as easy and low-cost as possible, for any type of cloud.”

The Delphix DaaS software platform transforms application projects by enabling on-demand access to data. IT and development teams can enable continuous application delivery, accelerate ERP upgrades, and cut costs and risk in cloud migrations. By virtualizing the entire application stack, the Delphix DaaS Platform delivers the right data to the right team at the right time, including delivering full environments for development, testing and reporting.

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