Delphix Overcomes Data Center Modernization Challenges

Delphix has released the Delphix Modernization Engine, a new product designed to reduce the risk and cost associated with data center modernization projects, including data center migrations and consolidations, migrations to the cloud, conversions from Unix to Linux, and application retirement.

Built on version 4.0 of the Agile Data Platform, the Delphix Modernization Engine creates, manages, and archives virtual copies of applications, databases, and files, accelerating project efforts and ensuring preservation of data for legal and regulatory compliance.

The Delphix Modernization Engine builds on Delphix’s patented data virtualization technology, which syncs with existing applications and databases, manages versions as they change, and delivers virtual data environments to remote servers in less time and expense.

“We have had customers tell us that they bought our product to speed up Dev and Test, and speed up reporting, and now they are using it to consolidate data centers, to move to the cloud, to do application retirement, and a different set of use cases - and so we have built a product with some special features that just supports that,” explained Delphix VP of Strategy, Rick Caccia.

There are two trends that Delphix is capitalizing on with the new product, said Caccia. “The first is that more than half of Fortune 2000 companies expect to do some sort of large modernization project this year, cloud migration, app consolidation, data center consolidation - and there are estimates that $30 billion to $50 billion will be spent this year alone on those projects. And the second is that usually people say the technology is easy, the strategy is hard. But with modernization projects, it is the opposite - people have figured out the strategy but the technology is actually not there - and they find that half of these projects get canceled because it is too hard to do it and takes too long.”

The Modernization Engine adds several new features to the Delphix platform:

The Modernization Engine extends Delphix’s ability to virtualize enterprise databases and data warehouses to applications and file systems. Binaries, configuration files, and automation scripts are also required to migrate an application successfully. Delphix automatically virtualizes the data across an entire application stack, versions all changes during and after migration, and can provision virtual data environments in minutes to remote servers, either on premise or in private or public clouds—even across bandwidth constrained wide-area networks (WANs). As a result, customers can consolidate or migrate existing systems to modern platforms faster and at lower cost, the company says.

In addition, according to the company, a major challenge that companies face in modernizing applications is the risk of failing a legal or compliance audit after an application has been moved, changed, or retired. Data migration efforts can result in changed, missing, or partial data that can lead to large regulatory fines. As a result, many companies never decommission legacy systems and fail to realize the cost benefits of modernization. The Delphix Modernization Engine preserves Live Archives of applications, databases, data warehouses, associated files, and configuration settings, which can be accessed in minutes to satisfy later audit or compliance demands while taking 10x less space and systems resources to maintain. As part of a governance process, businesses can Live Archive application states just prior to migration efforts or after business events, such as quarter close or notice of litigation hold. As a result, Delphix customers gain the benefits of modernization while dramatically reducing legal and regulatory risks.

The new solution also addresses the problem of older versions of applications and databases running on legacy Unix-based servers, says Delphix. Migrating these older applications and databases to modern, x86-based Linux servers can be time-consuming and difficult but is necessary if the databases will be moved to public or private clouds built on x86 platforms. According to the company, Delphix can abbreviate the conversion process, enabling customers to migrate to x86-based clouds in less time and at lower cost.

Certified on VMware vSphere, the Delphix Migration Engine operates on vCloud-based public cloud services, SunGard and IBM SoftLayer, as well as private cloud platforms.

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