Delphix and Axis Technology Team Up to Simplify Data Masking

Delphix has formed a partnership with Axis focused on boosting data center development and compliance in regulated industries. Delphix and Axis believe that by combining their two technologies they will be able to address the significant problems organizations face when attempting data masking projects.

Companies operating in regulated industries, such as government, financial services and healthcare that deal with confidential and or personal data have an obligation to keep this information protected for their customers’ privacy. In many cases, these companies need to retain this information in a safe way so that it may still be used.

To protect this information and maintain its value, encryption is often used so that the data is unidentifiable to those who should not be accessing this information. However, despite the extensive time and effort to code this information in a protected manner, these practices don’t always prove to be safe or successful.

“We think this is going to be a huge deal for insurers and banks that have to protect this data,” said Rick Caccia, vice president of strategy and marketing, Delphix. “Axis is very good at making the complexity of the masking simple, and Delphix is very good at making the distribution of that data really fast and easy,” Caccia said.  “The benefit for customers is something that was previously difficult and expensive, to the point that they just didn’t do it, is now simple and easy. They are going to be able to comply with regulations that were just too difficult before. 

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