Delphix and Datical Extend Partnership to Create More DataOps Solutions

Delphix, a provider of DataOps solutions, is extending its partnership with Datical, a provider of database release automation platforms, to create new DataOps tools.

 “Businesses are feeling the debilitating effects of data friction, challenging their ability to move fast and confidently compete in today’s digital economy,” said Tony Orlando, SVP of global field operations, Delphix. “Through our partnership with Datical and the DataOps ecosystem at large, we are enabling the secure, continuous flow of data within the world’s most complex enterprises, empowering them to accelerate innovation, reduce costs, increase quality and lead in their markets for years to come.” 

Together, Delphix and Datical enable enterprises to  accelerate software development and testing. The unique combination of these solutions reduces the amount of time it takes to provision production-quality data from days or weeks to just minutes, while also eliminating manual tasks, such as reviewing and validating database schema and logic changes.

Integrating these solutions into a software development toolchain is at the heart of the DataOps approach that transforms how businesses deliver new releases.

Pioneers in the DataOps movement, Delphix and Datical are at the forefront of building the platforms and technologies that support this emerging discipline

 “To achieve their goals of faster time-to-market, companies continue adopting faster, more iterative development methodologies to be able to change and adapt more quickly – but data has become the new constraint slowing them down,” said Derek Hutson, CEO and president of Datical.  “Datical and Delphix are in the perfect position to help enterprise leaders remove that constraint and modernize the way data is managed throughout the software delivery lifecycle.”

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