Denodo Enhances its Platform to Help Organizations Democratize Data Usage Across the Enterprise

Denodo, a leader in data management, is enhancing the Denodo Platform, helping organizations to democratize data usage across the enterprise using generative AI, enforcing consistent security and cost management policies, and enabling self-service for business users, so they can create their own data products.

This news follows closely on the heels of Denodo’s recent $336M funding announcement, which underscores the company’s mission to transform the way organizations innovate and operate their businesses by unifying data assets in real time and making data ubiquitous and secure to all users and business applications.

The latest features in the Denodo Platform provide all stakeholders with a strong foundation of reliable, trustworthy data to enable better cloud and data lake access and ensure strong performance.

By enabling self-service BI, data science, hybrid/multi-cloud data integration, and enterprise data services to ensure organizations get the most value from their strategic business initiatives, Denodo continues to push the boundaries of data management using a logical approach.

These key Denodo Platform enhancements help companies to:

  • Democratize data usage with generative AI by enabling business users to use natural language when interacting with their data, without requiring SQL skills or access to BI tools. The latest features include pre-built integrations with ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI, providing natural-language access to all datasets governed and delivered by the Denodo Platform.  
  • Strengthen self-service data product development by empowering business teams to author and deliver their own data products for collaboration and data sharing both within and outside the enterprise. Data users can author, deliver, and share their datasets directly within the Denodo Data Catalog using drag-and-drop view-creation wizards and an embedded SQL shell. Data access request workflows can now be managed within the Denodo Data Catalog, allowing data owners to quickly respond to requests and have subsequent visibility to sensitive data usage, to streamline data access and governance.
  • Leverage a FinOps dashboard to improve cloud cost savings by controlling costs and optimizing workloads, including compute and data ingress/egress charges across diverse databases, data lakes, and other data platforms in use throughout the enterprise and in the cloud. The Denodo Platform’s new FinOps Dashboard provides production operations and finance staff with views and reports of the various costs incurred, from all analytic and operational data workloads managed by the system. 
  • Democratize big data analytics and cost effectively improve scale by optimizing data processing workloads for both performance and cost as data volumes grow. Denodo now offers embedded massively parallel processing (MPP) capabilities based on Presto, the leading open-source parallel SQL query engine, to improve performance when processing large data volumes. Combined with other features intended to facilitate business user interaction with data, such as the data catalog and generative AI integration, these MPP features bring the power of big data analytics to such users without requiring knowledge of SQL or advanced analytics.
  • Accelerate enterprise-wide privacy compliance by simplifying the management of fine-grained access control policies. Now, data owners can now manage indirect access controls of derived views and control downstream access to their data products, which is critical for data sharing and multi-tenant deployments. Access policies can be based on the user’s client session details, enabling data sovereignty and other location-based compliance capabilities. Finally, tags and security classifications can now be automatically synchronized from Collibra and other data governance tools.

“Companies are scrambling to deploy more and more projects that include data sharing, analytics, generative AI, and other capabilities, and they are adopting distributed data management principles such as data mesh and data fabric to improve efficiencies, capitalize on existing assets, reduce risk, and perform better analytics,” said Alberto Pan, executive vice president and chief technical officer at Denodo. “The latest enhancements to the Denodo Platform enable businesses to strengthen data security, leverage AI to improve self-service for business teams and achieve control over FinOps to improve performance and their bottom line.”

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