Denodo Introduces New Cloud and Self-Service Data Discovery Tools

Denodo, a provider of data virtualization software, is releasing Denodo Platform 6.0, further accelerating its “fast data” strategy. “It’s a major release for us,” said Ravi Shankar, Denodo CMO. There are three  important areas that nobody else is focusing on in the industry, he noted. "This, we hope, will change how data virtualization, and in a broader sense, data integration will shape up this year.”

The three key areas of focus include moving data in real time, introducing the platform on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace, and redesigning the solution’s search self-service data discovery and search capabilities.

Data virtualization in the cloud will free IT from manually installing on-premise systems, Shankar explained. “This is the first time in the industry that we are making it available for someone to go to Amazon, swipe their credit card, buy the software, and start using it,” Shankar said. “The benefit of this is they can cut down the procurement cycles of the software, they can scale so they can start small and increase capacity as they need to and this really accelerates the time to solution for a number of our customers.”

Features of Version 6.0 include advanced optimization techniques for big data with the Dynamic Query Optimizer to determine the best query execution plan to deliver optimum performance, as well as support for and connectivity to an array of big data sources, including Redshift, HP Vertica, Impala, and Apache Spark, in addition to its existing support for Teradata, Netezza, Hive, Impala, and Greenplum. The release also includes support for workload management with monitoring and diagnosis capability for the management of very large deployments, a newly redesigned administrative user interface that supports agile development, and improved security with Kerberos southbound and pass-through support for databases and web services.

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