Denodo Launches Free Data Virtualization Solution

Denodo, a provider of data virtualization software, has introduced Denodo Express, a free data virtualization solution for developers and data architects intended to show potential customers how beneficial data virtualization can be.

Denodo Express provides the same technical features of as the enterprise version of the Denodo platform, including integration of disparate sources, abstraction, high performance real-time query optimization, near real-time caching, batch scheduling for ETL, and secure data services publishing. The only difference is there are certain data restrictions when using the Express version.

Denodo Express also provides an active community on the Denodo website that holds online tutorials and educational support for their customers that are new to data virtualization and Denodo.  Denodo Express comes with multiple connectors, integration and data quality functions, metadata and security management, and several data services publishing options in one easy-to-use package. 

The solution connects to disparate on-premise and cloud, structured, Big Data and unstructured sources to create normalized views that are integrated and cleansed in real-time or in-memory, and delivered as data services for on-demand consumption by end users, visualization and BI tools, mobile and enterprise applications. Also, all the data solutions performed with Denodo Express are able to be transferred when customers upgrade to the enterprise version of the platform so no important information performed on Express is lost.

“Data Virtualization is more important than ever, because it delivers simplicity and agility in meeting business needs for real-time information across an increasingly vast and complex data landscape,”  said Suresh Chandrasekaran, senior VP of Denodo, noting that the company estimates that it has not even tapped into 5% of the market potential for data virtualization.  “Every one of our customers who have adopted it has said something to the effect that is the best kept secret in data management.”

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