Denodo Platform 9.0 Transforms Data Self-Service with Enhanced Intelligence

Denodo, a leader in data management, is releasing Denodo Platform 9.0, enabling intelligent data delivery through AI-driven support for queries delivered in natural language while eliminating the need to know SQL.

Denodo Platform 9.0 also provides large language models (LLMs) with real-time, governed data from across the enterprise, powering retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) for trusted, insightful results from generative AI applications, as well as offers a set of powerful new features to further enhance data management.

By bringing this level of intelligence to data delivery, Denodo Platform 9.0 advances logical data management into the next phase of AI and advanced analytics, one in which expectations are now being realized, according to the company.   

With the new features in Denodo Platform 9.0, the system will learn as users interact with the data, and it will provide automated recommendations of the best data to use, based on each user’s need-of-the-moment. This will greatly increase productivity for a wide range of users, as they will not have to stop and try to figure out which data to use, or where to find it.

Users will be able to type their queries using natural language, and receive not only instant results, but also a detailed breakdown of how the query was constructed.

Under the hood, it will optimize data delivery across multiple channels, as the system will know the fastest methods and automatically deploy them, lowering costs by saving time. It will further strengthen compliance with more sophisticated security measures that are built into the platform by design, according to Denodo.

Key functionalities of Denodo Platform 9.0 include:

  • Natural-language query support
  • New data-preparation wizards
  • Intelligent query recommendations
  • Support for AI-ready data
  • Improved developer-experience capabilities
  • Enhanced MPP-based data-lake engine
  • Advanced federated governance
  • Enhanced inspection

“To say that we are ‘excited’ about Denodo Platform 9.0 is a vast understatement,” said Alberto Pan, executive vice president and chief technology officer at Denodo. “This release, developed over several years, brings an unprecedented level of intelligence to data management, which will open up a wealth of new opportunities for both business and technical users. The new AI and data-preparation features, including support for RAG, will bring advanced, trusted, data analytics to a wider group of users, while the improved MPP and DevOps capabilities will accelerate data access, under the hood, to make the data analytics experience faster and more seamless across a wider range of use cases.”

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