Descope’s Passkey Product Additions Simplify Authentication for Existing Apps

Descope, the drag-and-drop authentication platform for developers, is launching product additions that innovate passkeys for developers, streamlining the integration of passkeys to existing applications.

According to the Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, over 80% of web application attacks in 2021 were due to stolen credentials, highlighting a massive vulnerability in the realm of data security. Descope emphasizes that passwords are a large aggressor in data breaches, often being reused across channels and thereby increasing threat risk. Additionally, password-based authentication, though a well-intended security measure, often drives down customer engagement and retention.

As a response to the ways in which the modern password fails to secure valuable data, Descope’s product additions push passkeys—a way to sign up to applications without using passwords, leveraging fingerprints, face scans, patterns, or PINs in its stead—as a security tool for developers.

Though passkeys represent great value in security, they are oftentimes difficult to implement in existing applications, according to the vendor.

By adding Descope as an OpenID Connect (OIDC) agent, clients using Amazon Cognito, Auth0, and other identity providers that support federated identity can implement passkeys without complex configuration or code additions. Other passwordless methods can also be applied, including magic links, social logins, and OTPs.

Descope’s drag-and-drop workflows, SDKs, and APIs drive simplicity in the space of authentication, ultimately propelling security for developers without the burden of complexity. This not only enhances security but also increases retention and improves the user experience.

“We are huge believers in the potential of passkeys,” said Slavik Markovich, co-founder and CEO of Descope. “They are virtually unphishable and make the process much easier for end users. With continued support for passkeys from Google, Apple, and Microsoft, user familiarity and adoption will increase in the months to come. Our goal with these product enhancements is to reduce friction for any developers looking to add passkeys to their apps.”

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