DevOps Brings the IT Workplace into Greater-Than-Ever Alignment

The rise of DevOps, which promises to bring development and operations teams into alignment, is bringing database managers and administrators ever closer to the key touchpoints of their businesses. DevOps seeks to ensure the continuous delivery and consistent cadence of software releases and means that data professionals will have a key role to play in their organizations’ information technology strategy. It’s not happening a moment too soon—nimble, tech-savvy competitors have learned to leverage data as strategic business assets and are biting ever deeper into just about every existing market.

Speed is of the essence, pushing existing companies to work harder “to move fast and better align development and IT ops teams,” said Patrick Chanezon, chief developer advocate at Docker. As a result, “companies are turning to container technology and DevOps to gain operational efficiencies and a platform for innovation.”

DevOps methodologies “have been the de facto model for startups and born-in-the-cloud organizations for many years,” agreed Bob Quillin, vice president of the Oracle Container Group. “Now those approaches and techniques are moving to larger teams and organizations based on clear business advantages, cultural benefits, and the emergence of repeatable patterns driven by open source technologies tested at cloud-scale by these early adopters.”

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