DevOps Provider DBmaestro Announces Open API

DBmaestro, a provider of DevOps for database solutions, has announced the availability of an open application programming interface (API), enabling customers and developers to connect to any release management system and continuous delivery product. According to the vendor, DBmaestro TeamWork will now automate and integrate with IBM, Microsoft, CA and others, allowing any release management manufacturer to offer database build and deploy automation and adding functionality to its product.

With today’s announcement, DBmaestro is providing software vendors partners and customers, the ability to integrate with DBmaestro’s database enforced change management solution which provides version control and continuous delivery for the database. This is achieved by extending the check-in/check-out practices to database objects so no out-of-process changes are even possible. Under TeamWork’s control, database schema objects are locked (in read-only mode), until a developer checks-out an object and then makes a change to it.

“The API is broad, secure and easy to implement and provides partners and companies with more freedom,” said Yaniv Yehuda, co-founder and CTO of DBmaestro. “This grants the option of seamless coordination between release automation conducted within solutions like CA, Microsoft, IBM and others, and the back-end databases they impact. Integration with DBmaestro TeamWork provides a more complete solution for software project development and deployment.”

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