Developing Strategies for Effective IoT Data Governance

While there is already so much buzz around the potential benefits the Internet of Things offers, enterprises are just scratching the surface in regards to possible implications of this new wave of data.

At Data Summit 2017, Anne Buff, business solutions manager, SAS Practices at SAS, will address pertinent IoT issues such as data management, governance, and security, and how to deal with them.

Data Summit 2017 takes place May 16-17 at the New York Hilton Midtown, with pre-conference workshops on May 15.

“I’ll be speaking about the change in requirements for governing data as companies enter into the world of IoT,” Buff said.

It’s an important topic because it changes the focus of what traditional data management and data governance people have been focused on which traditionally has been data quality, data effectiveness and data efficiency, and raises the bar on security and questions of trusting the collection and access to the data in general which has not been a primary focus in the past, Buff explained.

“The access and capabilities of IoT is very interesting to executives so there’s a big push for doing this for our industry or company now but with a lack of foundational understanding of what it takes to support those environments,” Buff said. “We have to be able to push the message out of what that support is going to take and there are risks and liabilities as well.”

Devices and sensors that collect IoT information is unchartered territory for most businesses and Buff hopes to introduce attendees to the vulnerabilities they need to watch out for while tapping into IoT.

Buff is looking forward to seeing what the next frontier for leveraging data and analytics capabilities across a variety of different industries is at this year’s Data Summit.

She predicts security and privacy will be a major focus for attendees at Data Summit, along with continuing to utilize the cloud effectively to solve problems and gain value quicker.

“The idea of what’s possible has now reached its height and people are going, ‘OK, that’s great but what are we doing to put ourselves at risk?’” Buff said. “Risk, security, and privacy are going to be the biggest concerns.”

Buff’s session, “Data Governance in IoT,” will be presented at Data Summit on Tuesday, May 16, at 10:45 am.

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