Developments To Alteryx Analytics Cloud Platform Targets Accessibility, Productivity, and Performance

Alteryx, Inc., the Analytics Automation Company, is launching Alteryx 22.3 with new developments to the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform, empowering enterprise readiness and unified, approachable, end-to-end analytics in the cloud.

The announcement introduces Alteryx Machine Learning and Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta to the Alteryx Analytics Cloud platform, improving upon cloud and Snowflake analytics capabilities. Build automated machine learning models at scale with Alteryx Machine Learning, enabling anyone—with or without a data science background—to generate predictive financial forecasts, locate overdue accounts, segment customers, and enhance user engagement, according to the company. The Designer Cloud powered by Trifacta increases the performance of Snowflake data processing, able to process data up to 20x faster when migrating data from AWS to Snowflake, according to the enterprise.

"Putting powerful machine learning tools in the hands of everyone and making data science accessible is core to solving the biggest challenges in business today," said Suresh Vittal, chief product officer at Alteryx. "At Alteryx, we are excited these new product enhancements will help essential in-department knowledge experts to make valuable contributions to the business by delivering outcomes that drive the innovation needed to succeed in hypercompetitive landscapes."

Alteryx 22.3 is also enhancing its security and speed for enterprise-wide analytics insights through their Data Connection Manager (DCM), now supporting Azure Active Directory group authentication for Snowflake and Databricks. The improvement also sees integration with third-party vaults like HashiCorp and CyberArk. Reinforced Google BigQuery connectivity provides 170x performance improvement, enabling data analysts to work with large data sets where they live to mitigate cost and productivity impacts, according to the vendor. The Alteryx Intelligence Suite allows users to acquire insights from unstructured data with the availability of PDF to text capabilities.

"Being able to take advantage of Snowflake computing in Alteryx Designer Cloud is a huge advantage for Advarra that allows us to centralize our resource management and investments," comments Sajid Sayed, senior director, data science platform at Advarra. "These enhancements to Snowflake Pushdown will provide more streamlined analytics performance and will be a huge advantage for Advarra and our data-driven approach to clinical research."

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