Dgraph Labs Secures $11.5 Million in Latest Funding Round

Dgraph Labs, the cloud-native graph database company, is closing a $11.5 million Series A funding round that will enable the company to expand enterprise features and its user base, support next-generation GraphQL applications and build Dgraph-as-a-Service.

This funding round was led by Redpoint Ventures, with participation from previous investors Bain Capital Ventures, Blackbird Ventures, Grok Ventures and Airtree Ventures.

“Most companies do not have the capability or desire to spend millions of dollars building a custom graph database,” stated Manish Jain, founder and CEO of Dgraph. “Yet current ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions don’t provide the benefits they require, such as horizontal scalability, performance, multiple data models which need to be served and flexible schema, among others. This is what inspired Dgraph. Dgraph is designed as a cloud-native database, executes equally well on graph style joins and traversals and SQL style selects, providing the only truly scalable general purpose graph database available today.”

During his time at Google, Jain led the knowledge graph serving system effort.  Dgraph is heavily inspired by this research and is built from the ground up to scale horizontally for the enterprise. It is considered by many to be the most advanced graph database, providing low-latency arbitrary-depth joins and traversals, Jepsen tested distributed transactions, support for data sharding, synchronous replication and a flexible schema. Dgraph also provides native support for GraphQL and JSON.

The company is experiencing rapid adoption as it recently passed 10K GitHub stars, 1M Docker Pulls and is being used as the primary database for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500.

These companies are turning to Dgraph to solve complex data unification issues and to build knowledge and social graphs.

In many cases, Dgraph is replacing MongoDB and SQL to power new applications. Most data models have relationships that need to be taken into account in order to execute queries. Dgraph can simplify data models significantly while improving query performance.

As part of this announcement, Satish Dharmaraj, a Partner at Redpoint Ventures, has joined Dgraph’s Board of Directors.

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