Dgraph Releases GraphQL Backend Service

Dgraph, creators of an advanced graph database, is launching Slash GraphQL, a fully managed GraphQL backend service.   

“Slash GraphQL takes away the work of building a fast and scalable GraphQL backend,” said Manish Jain, CEO and founder at Dgraph. “With Slash GraphQL, developers click a button and are presented with a /graphql endpoint. They set their GraphQL schemas and immediately get a production-ready backend. Right away they can start querying and mutating data, without any coding whatsoever.”

The database that powers Slash GraphQL is Dgraph—the number one rated graph database on GitHub, used at massive scale by companies like Comcast, Intuit, Siemens, Overstock, VMware and many more.

Dgraph was inspired by Jain’s work at Google on the company’s Knowledge Graph infrastructure, and his efforts to unite all structured data at Google under a single graph indexing and serving system. Dgraph became the first database to natively support GraphQL, and its ability to traverse data with high throughput and low latency has led to it becoming the world's most popular graph database.

Now, with Slash GraphQL, web and mobile developers can build apps rapidly—no setup, maintenance or building out a tech stack just to get to GraphQL. Slash GraphQL delivers an amazing developer experience.

An app on Slash GraphQL also leverages a full GraphQL back-end built for performance and scale, and optimized for executing GraphQL traversals, joins and retrievals.

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