DiffusionData Unveils Gateway Framework 1.0 for Resource and Operational Simplicity

DiffusionData, the provider of data streaming and messaging solutions formerly known as Push Technology, is launching Gateway Framework 1.0, a simplistic framework for integrating back-end data sources or any external system with Diffusion, according to the vendor.

DiffusionData’s release addresses developer-preferred tools and coding styles that result in heterogeneous applications with distinctly individual behaviors, ultimately causing issues in production support.

With Gateway Framework 1.0 deployed, adapters will look and act the same; every adapter has the same architecture and 90% of the code, which is tested and production-ready, according to the vendor. This homogeneity results in saving time during production support, mitigating bugs, and a consistency in configuration.

Alleviating the complexity of control client applications integrating with external systems and the Diffusion platform, the Gateway Framework does the “heavy lifting” when interacting with the platform, according to the vendor.

By standardizing the generation of control clients, as well as supplying a low-code solution for integration, application writers need only to focus on interactions with external systems rather than with Diffusion.

DiffusionData’s Gateway Framework features full integration with the Diffusion Management Console, which centralizes application management and monitoring, allowing dynamic changes to the configuration.

This announcement marks the general release of Gateway Framework 1.0—which was previously in beta—with a dependency on Diffusion 6.9. The CDC adapter, Kafka adapter, and REST adapter, leveraging the Gateway Framework, will be released with this launch.

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