DiffusionData’s 6.9 Release of its Intelligent Data Platform Adds New Capabilities

DiffusionData, the provider of real-time data streaming and messaging solutions, formerly known as Push Technology, is unveiling the latest update to their intelligent data platform: Diffusion 6.9. The platform, capable of consuming, enriching, and delivering data among applications, systems, and devices, will see a series of improvements to its connections, metrics, and gateways.

Diffusion 6.9 features remote server reverse connection, which rectifies the platform’s previous inability to circumvent security protocols for inbound connection to back-end (primary) servers. Typically, remote server connections would be initiated from the secondary server to then be connected to a primary server or cluster without configuration at the primary server. Situations in which security reasons blocked this function can benefit from remote server reverse connection, where the primary server or cluster makes a “reverse” connection to the secondary server(s) that forms a secure connection over the same network channel. With version 6.9, communication between servers in a cluster supports TLS.

The update also improves server connection failures which often require boilerplate code due to transient connection exceptions. Diffusion 6.9 allows client applications to define an initial connection retry strategy so that the client connection is automatically retried several times, or until it succeeds. Additionally, a new connector “readiness” condition allows users to prevent connector availability before the persistence restore is complete.

Diffusion’s intelligent data platform sees enhanced metrics in this release, including additions and improvements. Metrics such as the number of topic values stored, the memory overhead relating to each remote server, and the number of bytes used for file persistence are added in Diffusion 6.9. Furthermore, the bytes topic metric will not double-count bytes shared between a reference topic and source topic; topic metrics can now be grouped by topic view.

The Gateway Framework will be generally available in version 1.0.0 of Diffusion’s intelligent data platform, with a dependency in the current version, 6.9. Adapters using the Gateway Framework, including the Kafka adapter, CDC adapter, and REST adapter, are now released as separate, general release products.

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