Digibee Accelerates Cloud Migration with New Solution

Digibee, a leader in a holistic and agile approach to integration, is releasing Digibee Capsules, a solution that packs common integration steps into reusable components that can be safely shared across organizations to accelerate digital transformation.

Created for integration architects and developers, the new solution features reusable integration flows to solve common business cases, while bypassing the complexity of interacting with common third party systems.

“Legacy enterprises are challenged with digital transformation. We are working with companies to reframe the system integration model and to connect business ecosystems seamlessly,” said Rodrigo Bernardinelli, CEO of Digibee. “Capsules evolve the integration process in a simple and straightforward manner. Our innovative concept delivers more value at an unmatched speed in the market with superior security, increased reusability, high-quality integrations at a fast pace with lower implementation and operational support costs.”

Digibee Capsules feature the ability to:

  • Grow your partner and customer ecosystem by making it easier, quicker, and safer to connect with new partners, systems, and customers to provide new services compared to a traditional API strategy 
  • Accelerate IT modernization through complex technical and business logic that is required for legacy and modern systems like new protocols, data flow limitations, and security standards are simplified for the integration developer.
  • Accelerate the cloud migration journey. Capsules enable an easy way for integrations to flow data from on-premises to the cloud to migrate or to live in a hybrid context in the long term.

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