Digibee Launches AI-Powered Integration Tool for Seamless Migration from Legacy Platforms

Digibee, an integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) company that optimizes developer resources and scales integrations, is announcing the launch of an AI-powered integration importing tool for easing the process of integrating flows from other vendors into Digibee. Initially available for MuleSoft migrations to Digibee, the solution will soon support migrations to Digibee from other legacy integration platforms.

The launch of Digibee’s AI-powered integration tool is historic, making Digibee the first iPaaS company to offer a tool of this sort, according to the company. With it, enterprises can embark on converting integration flows to flows that Digibee can execute, modify, and maintain—all completed in mere seconds.

Traditionally, migrating integration platforms incur a variety of challenges, especially if an organization lacks the proper and accurate documentation of their former, out-of-date integration platform. Digibee’s AI-powered integration tool reads the integration flow from the previous platform—without the need for specialized documentation—and simply recreates the flow in the Digibee Integration Platform. Once there, users can optimize and modify integrations as desired.

“The AI-powered integration importing tool benefits organizations with cost savings, quicker return on investment, improved efficiency, reduced risks, business continuity, and more confident decision-making. It saves significant time and effort for functional analysts and integration engineers to interpret and replicate integration flows from different technologies, which now can be done instantly with Digibee,” said Peter Kreslins Junior, Digibee co-founder and CTO.

“The AI capabilities in the Digibee Integration Platform strengthen our mission to simplify complex enterprise integrations while modernizing infrastructure, allowing enterprises to implement and maintain their integration and digital transformation initiatives rapidly,” Kreslins continued.

Digibee’s AI-powered integration tool offers the following features:

  • Translator tool for easily translating integration code into JSON files
  • Exception handling for ensuring flows remain workable even if a fragment of the integration flow cannot be translated
  • Identification of all external connections within the integration flow
  • A web interface accessible via URL with authentication protocols

Additionally, Digibee plans to offer AI-generated flow documentation for both original and migrated integration flows. This will enable organizations to audit and correct any inconsistencies leftover from the migration process.

Interested parties can contact Digibee support channels for access.

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