Newsletters Debuts Latest Version of its AI-Powered DevOps Platform is unveiling the latest release of its industry-leading AI-Powered DevOps Platform, dubbed Ascension, empowering both private and public sector organizations to unify, secure, and generate predictive insights across the software lifecycle.

The Ascension release further enables technology leaders to scale their distributed workforce and connect agile development at the portfolio, team, and individual levels.

“The last decade’s worth of well-funded, VC-backed software vendors has forever fragmented the way software is developed and delivered,” said Stephen Elop, chief executive officer at “Technology leaders today need a platform that offers the connective tissue to plan, measure and accelerate business value from software investments, while reducing costs, maintaining security, and managing compliance. With our latest release,’s platform solves problems organizations encounter by delivering connected tools that offer a wealth of insight across the full development and delivery lifecycle.”

The AI-Powered DevOps Platform provides innovative solutions that support the software development and delivery lifecycle, enabling technology teams to use individual solutions or the entire platform. solutions can be easily integrated into existing processes, applications, and infrastructure to propel innovation and bring greater visibility and insight across the entire software architecture and ecosystem.

Key new enhancements include:

  • Embedded Mobile Application Security
  • Scale and Integrate Application Testing
  • Increased Pipeline Visibility
  • Predictive Insights
  • App Store Experience
  • Cloud-native Connectors
  • Enhanced End-to-End Integrations
  • FedRAMP Authorization

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