Newsletters Introduces the Banff Version of its AI-Powered DevOps Platform announced the Banff release of its AI-Powered DevOps Platform, featuring expanded intelligence, automation, and collaboration, to further help companies accelerate digital transformation.

The new version makes it possible for public sector and enterprise organizations to accelerate delivery while managing risk, all with a focus on driving maximum value from software investments, according to the vendor.

This release includes further expansion of’s machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, allowing customers to move past historical trends to predictive, actionable insights.

“Software strategy now underpins every business strategy and business leaders need to navigate global economic uncertainty with agility, automatio,n and security,” said Stephen Elop, CEO of “We are truly excited to be delivering to our customers our latest release that removes the mystery and complexities in mapping software investments to topline business goals and priorities. believes that the future of enterprise DevOps is being able to turn data into actionable, predictive insights.” solutions can be easily integrated into existing processes, applications, and infrastructure to optimize existing investments while propelling innovation and bringing greater visibility and insight across the entire software architecture and ecosystem, according to the vendor.

New enhancements include:

  • Model Monitoring dashboard
  • Deployment intelligence
  • Continuous Testing analytics
  • A single identity across the platform
  • Hoylu whiteboarding integration
  • ai Community
  • Enhanced and expanded Cloud native deployments
  • Recorder for Testing
  • Expanded Accessibility Testing
  • Application Security

The Banff version of’s AI-Powered DevOps Platform is generally available.

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