Newsletters Makes it Easier to Automate Software Development and Delivery with the Release of Erawan, an industry-leading technology company, is introducing Erawan, the next iteration of its open, AI-powered DevSecOps platform, delivering on the company’s mission to provide global enterprises with a powerful solution that supports the delivery of high-quality software applications at scale.

According to the company, the platform also retains the benefits of AI-assisted development and manages the complexities organizations need to overcome when shifting to the cloud and managing software delivery across every type of environment.

“With Erawan, we are releasing our next generation of enhanced intelligence capabilities, a data foundation which offers the industry’s only centralized source of Software Development Lifecycle data, including the ability to store data from our portfolio along with third party solutions,” said Derek Holt, CEO, “This capability spans our portfolio, enabling customers to create a single point of truth and access data, dashboards, and our AI-based predictive intelligence capabilities more easily and contextually."

Erawan is designed to optimize the benefits of AI that companies are building into their processes by enabling customers to further automate the rest of software delivery to keep pace with developers’ front-end AI productivity gains.

With the introduction of AI-assisted copilots, developers have accelerated their output. However, automating end-to-end software delivery and measuring productivity gains struggle to keep pace. Erawan’s workflow capabilities help govern AI-assisted development to support the uptick in speed, while analyzing risk exposure through insights, the company says.

In keeping with’s commitment to meet customers where they are, another key feature of the Erawan release is a new integration with Backstage. Customers can now merge their release orchestration and deployment management processes into their platform engineering initiatives to increase visibility and control.

This integration improves the developer experience with centralized services and standard tooling to better align the development environment and software delivery process, according to the company. 

Additionally, Erawan enhances Azure integration to support more Azure specific features and simplifies the management of Azure deployment templates to provide greater flexibility and boost efficiency.

Other features to validate Helm charts and simplify the management of Helm templates have been added, to ensure smoother deployment processes with fewer errors, giving organizations greater control and confidence in Helm deployments.

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